Dr. Joan Cavalcante

Naturopath • Reiki Master • Laser Therapist • Ordained Minister

Dr. Joan Cavalcante’s journey as a healer began like so many true healers, with her own illness. At one point she was declared legally blind.  She has over 20 years of experience studying many different diagnostic and therapeutic modalities.  An eclectic healer, Dr. Cavalcante pulls from a world of resources which she uses to customize protocols that meet the needs of each individual person.

Her qualifications and experience include:

  •    PhD in Biofeedback and Naturopathic Medicine

  •    Licensed Biofeedback Specialist

  •    Internationally Licensed as a Biofeedback Therapist

  •    Ordained and Licensed Minister

  •    Licensed by Pastoral Medical Association

  •    Certified AN-DI Therapist

  •    Klinghardt Trained

  •    Certified Pain Management Therapist

  •    Certified Stress Management Therapist

  •    Intravenous Certified

  •    Nationally Certified Phlebotomist

  •    Reiki Master

  •    Certified at Beth Israel Hospital Hospice

  •    IET Therapy

  •    Master Magnified Healing

  •    Certified Lazer Therapist

  •    Geotran

  •    Jin Shin

  •    Light and Sound Therapist

  •    Homeopathy

  •    Matrix Energetics