Today we want to honor Jimmy and the eight-year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti that changed his life.

He didn’t know it at the time, but it was the earthquake eight years ago that slowly set in motion the path that would lead Jimmy to us.

Moments before the earthquake hit (Tuesday afternoon at 4:53 pm) Jimmy’s friends called him down from the roof of his home where he was doing repairs; urging him to play soccer with them.

Had he not heeded them, he may not have been here with us today.

The earthquake lasted roughly :37 seconds, but people in their homes were trapped or crushed; and lives were changed forever.

Jimmy’s family survived in tents for the next six months.  He remembers vividly pulling people – living and dead – out of the rubble. The aftershocks set terror again in his heart each time.

Jimmy immigrated to the United States six months after the earthquake. When one understands how short life can be; you are driven to make the most of it.

He comes from a family of healers. Jimmy’s grandfather was known as “Doctor” in Haiti with deep knowledge of Haitian traditional medicine. Jimmy found a way to pursue his true path by becoming a Medical Assistant in the United States.

He has worked in many different kinds of practices, but it’s safe to say that Jimmy has finally found his professional home. We are so grateful that circumstances brought Jimmy to us and that he persisted on his path. We are all enriched by his persistence and the privilege of being able to share in his life’s journey.

Sometimes it’s by accident when we meet, but it’s not accidental when we stick, build a community and find shared values. Rahav Wellness is an intentional community guided by intentions and good will.